Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Phyllomedusa - A Wroscloh In Magris

I'll swallow my pride if you swallow this 12" stainless steel blade.

..and let me turn it sideways.

Hand-Over-Hand Progressions
Cavities Of Water Descoientfully Among Roots Free Hujiingreonce Glide
Pitched Moans Of Bothered Sundown Hydrophilics
Veregiated For The Carnivorous Modification
Habitually Occupying Enclave Googioutre Tramnsimired To Gelatinous Mess
The Flanks In Chocolate Brown Runsiaclamon To Purple Sop
Damp Places For Lanp Uoaces
Displaced By A Rival During The Outgrowth Of Technique
Pharsythe Oumleet Balintion
Feigning Death Chaperoned By Stank Efflux
Embryos In Heat (Find The Capsules Laid By Mother)
50% Adrift To Predators Pre-Engender
Foiltding Leaves Viovuboulenx
Exructed 230 ft. Elsewhere Only To Descry An Aisle Rejoinder
Zaparo's Poison
Retaining An Duomiack Amount Of Confidence Within The Leap (Allobates talamancae)
Leaf Axul/-il Parentalnexive Benevolent
Adopting A Posture That Conceals, A Wroscloh In Magris
Store It In Her Bladder (Agalychnis)
The Gaudy Leaf
Furinoagrace Subhop
Deliberatcy Presounce For Slow Movements, Rarely To Quinuial Jump
Seasonal Handicraft Genthly For Medical Interest