Thursday, October 26, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Triprion Medial Notchgander

You might make me weak, but I refuse to die by the paw of you. We'll fight until you can't, not until I can't, because I'll never stop. You're the invader within my world, and you'll soon be the beaten corpse within my world.

Fundamentals Of The Duck-Billed Invagination Of The Proctodeum Excluding The Gill Platae, And Optic Vesicle
If The Mew (I) Doesn't Daunt, I'm Pinning Down The Leasser Of Us On His Ventral Side, Awaiting The Withdraw And Won't Discontinue Until I Get It
Not Wrapped In A White Guanine Sheath, The Divulge Interior (Tiny White Bones)
The Occasional Excreting Bladder Water On The Eggs To Forestall Exsiccation
Mew (II) & Wheet (!)
Fine Speckles Interdigital Membranes Grayish Venter
Freeh Behind Tongues, Huxtigangle Metatarsa Aquaticly Formed Furnishing Zero Teeth Rudimentarily
Creating Vaculose Undulating Rumple
The Deepest Voice In Patagonia (Atelognathus patagonicus)