Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Phyllomedusa - October After The Storm

After last night's storm, I went back to where I viewed the Hermit walking with the lantern. Hoping I'd catch a glimpse of the Hermit again. I waited and waited, but with no prevail.

I wanted to be disappointed, but I just couldn't be as an orange and black Slimeball hopped to me to let me know it was okay. I felt okay. I didn't need the Hermit's approval. And that's when my Apricot-coloured Amphibious friend told me what I had not expected.

Muscular Stems Draped In Marbled Integument
October After The Storm
The Jambato Black
Increased Syrem Sedimentation
Thigh Defile (Atelopus vs the Parasitic Fly)
Stereotyped Hand-Waving & Zetekitoxin
Hide By Day
Asiatic Anticancer Obtainment