Friday, October 13, 2017

Phyllomedusa - The Frogs At Crystal Lake

The thought of the frogs and toads just sitting around Crystal Lake while the killings were happening always excites me very much. Bulky sounds for the disposal of fucking annoying teenagers around the woods!!

There's More Than One Beast On These Campgrounds
Meat Cleaver In A Teen's Face
From Crystal Lake To Maryland
The Croakies Part II
Lifeless Skinchunks For Crinia georgiana
A Tree Saw To The Gut, Physalaemus Waits For The Scraps
Fuck The Chytrid Fungus Part II (The Final Froth Nest)
Rip And Yank The Legs Down To My Depths
Triturating Her Brain With Her Own Guitar
Stainless Machetes Tickiling Lover's Spines
The New Brood
Woodland Make Out Session Leads To Two Dead Fuckers
Toadthrone (Beneath Crystal Lake)