Monday, October 23, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Ebony Annexe

Sometimes, because my head is not screwed on the right way, I like to tease, and torture myself and wonder what it would be like to branch out, be a "man" of the people. What it would be like to care. I might even actually try it once in a while. Play a softer tune. Interact with record label owners in order to reach more people, print more physical merchandise, pass out demos at the local shows, provide links to those who come in contact with me for them to check out when they get home. Unmask a certain sound to those who may like it, but don't know they might like it due to a lack of exposure. 

Ebony Annexe is what stems from the experiences in my torturous civil world experimentation.

Tusks Of Adelotus
R & D, De Trop
The Impression Of A Cross (Heleophryne orientalis)
Advertising In One Primary, And Four Secondary Notes
Telmatobufo bullocki Upstream Moxie
Sharp Spined Thumbs Granting A Taut Emmesh