Saturday, April 29, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Beast Of The East (Save The Frogs Day 2017)

In honor of Save The Frogs Day, in dishonor of respectable humanity, the beast reaps. The flavor is an unsettling one, but that's what we lust after. Eat we must, no matter the piquancy. When the soil is bone dry, and there's nil fluid in sight, what do you think we do? An omnibus of verruca, with frequencies & piercingness thine dare not spew of. Stay away. Stay very far away...

Accidental Colonization In The East
Granular Bimodal Bordering The Posterior Labium In A Depressed Body
Ultrasound Communication
Certain Soil Fidelity, Urinating Within To Provide The Moisture
Larvae Lost To Hyla crepitans
Inhabiting This Breadth Where Others Are Abscent, Where The Avoidance Is Grand

"Feast Of The East" Edition