Monday, March 20, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Woodlore 2 (10th Year Uproot)

Facial Deconstructive Series: Part XIV

The scripture of Rana refers to a dorsum laterum I dare only to speak lightly of. Lightly, if not at all. These 10 years have been undesirable at best. Phyllomedusa has been deracinating for 10 years, and I still feel the same identical innerheavings I did back in 2007. I have asked for help, and didn't get what I wanted to hear. I have tortured myself into believing I could stop these audial wrongdoings, and began to enjoy the pain.

I have asked those who I only care for, the Animals, and they only laughed in my face and encouraged me to keep up the good slaughter. So I stopped the repudiation, I give myself to them, I preach their word. The invocation of Amphibia.

Functions Post-Aposematic Coloration
Hydric Brooding Plaihseg Primilary Consuming Eqwuidial In The Third Role
Evolutional Male-Male Competition
Acer Chunks Fawkopsifunshienfedic Jiaebo-Ovary Fittifucnskioen/Elongation In Two Carpals Of The Wings
Rhytisma acerinum Spoit Huiejuin As Individuals In Condiiton/Quality
Highly Polymorphic Populations Doidnfied Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Loyationg The Phenotype,
The Forms In Noticing Trait Value
Dephormt In A Mold Manner Atrocitizing Amboyna In The Purest Sensye, Not By Disbark, But By Amputation
Localities Continguisn A Weakly Variegated Pattern Few Scattered The Melanophore
The Stem Grows (Non-Sunburn)
Chaotically Decorated To Buipoliger, Analogus In Interrupted Double Dark Chevrons
Strangulated By The Deciduous Redolence Of Sassafrax (Laurel)
Tibia In Fine Serration
Oiquertkin Gio So Gently Curved Toward The Oral Opening, Situated And Relaxed In Way Where No Coercer Is Alarming, Stifling The Physalaemus Upsurge
Brighter Rivals, Bitter Vitals
Anthocyanin Pigmential Gested Derioiaiuelvuion Blaster