Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Agroinduced Biophilia

The day of acknowledging this foreign thing entitled love is fast approaching. My innate hatred of such titles, and ideas has approached and gotten in touch with me long ago. The best of friends we are. My love of demolishing all things non-Lissamphib. Of all things non-Nature has grown to a height of horrendous proportion. It has to regress one of these days...right?

February 14th is Vivisect Day, and you already know what animal I'll be vivisecting.

Agro-Induced Agression
Cryptiek Stone Usage In The Twenstial High-Gradient Aktiviegh
Indistinguishable Neotenic Retentio-Latterine Pore
A Desmognathine's Rhytidome