Friday, December 23, 2016

Phyllomedusa - Uhatte Ghontimuem-Dhemaenour (Pre-Rot; Live From The Toadstool)

Facial Deconstructive Series: Part XIII

I like the swampland, the forests. Being around all these jacksticks lately makes me realize this more and more. Especially this time of year. I think about those who try to abuse their will by intimidation, and then proceed to giggle at the very idea of someone trying to pull this on me. I think about these things when I'm wandering, and catch this thing staring at me as it squirms up the branch. How can someone deal with this the way I do? They must have picked me somehow. Look at the picture, it's literally staring through me. You all have it made, I'm over here dealing with the real stress.

After the live track was recorded I heard voices outside that said words like "Are they okay?", "Should we check on them?", and "it sounded like a broken machine!!".

Whatever, I don't care.

Uhatte Ghontimuem-Dhemaenour (Pre-Rot)
Uhatte Ghontimuem-Dhemaenour (Post-Rot) [Live]