Monday, October 17, 2016

Phyllomedusa - The Hatchet (Asysiaa)

Facial Deconstructive Series: Part VI

When the Hatchet found me, I wasn't sure what to think. Scared? Intimidated as usual? Empty? I still am unsure, yet the Hatchet and I remain together. The heavy storm that just past by did nothing to the Hatchet as it still prevails completely intact. I wished the relentless storm would have ruined the Hatchet out of my own fear of it. The fear of what I am able to do with it in my hands anyway. With one side staring at me, and the other completely gnarled, it has seen some things I can only imagine of seeing in my life cycle. All I can do now is attempt to express its pain and suffering as I view it. Here is my try at that.

The name of "Asysiaa" comes from what I saw in the backside of the Hatchet. I did not form it, nor move the black mycelia to shape those letters. The picture behind the "main" picture of the Hatchet as you view it now is exactly how I discovered it, and it seemed to spell out "Asysiaa". As said, I am only a messenger.

Joiw-Fonie Massidi
Actualized By Asysiaa's Hatchet