Sunday, October 2, 2016

Amphibian Worship's WartFest 2016 (October 13th-31st)

As I write down more and more ways to self-deprecate with one hand, I use the other to write about this year's WartFest. This being an alert. A warning really. A heads down about a certain tragedy.

Starting on October 13th, slightly earlier than last year, Amphibian Worship's second annual WartFest will inaugurate, and inaugurate hard. With no regard for human life, and complete devotion to Amphibian life, WartFest 2016 will be a rough one for those of gentle heartmeat.

WartFest will pursue the worst in braincasegoulash with a familiar stank. During each of the gurgled-about grisly days a new hatchling will dangle and flop out with rabid thirst and progress with an end goal of red-tinted guckdebris.

Good luck making it to November 1st...