Saturday, July 16, 2016

Amoebe - Nostalgic Uridiuretijisms (In Retrospect)

Grouping of every Amoebe track ever bustled up from the bowels and bouncing mouths of the barf beguiled.

vocals by Sonny
vocals, sound by big frog
recorded in Sweden & Maryland

Unreleased Amoebe tracks: 
Ganrhemol Aighuilatuousavoigi Xzoilothcri Onuxitoratikapvelube Feviquibolachistorectipenalokijtomenlartivadibolop Bia-Bastoemn (Suin Up Using Only Our Mouths) Virnatugeneitl Iducis Ulatrharrea Foreshadowing The Foliwifcisihiphilactkjatomic Andromitoer's Staiyen Yafinclom-Coagudomigostomy Attrition

Ateltunicavaginalis Demo (2010): 
Vulvic Endocrine Ejaculating Pus from the Gargantuan Dome of an Erect Scrotum Uterovesical Phosphaturicedemgonorrheoa A Not So Unusual Pseudohermaphroditic Reflux A Urethral Dissection Exposing the Nocipyelaorchipalipantosis of Multiple Ureterectastic Difficulties Diarrhoeal Hysteria Due to Faecal Induced Frotteurism Penescrotal Rapheotomy Causing Discharge from the Urinary Tract After Oscillation Sphincteroplasty pt. 1 Giving the Gynecolicklysuethralcervix Trauma from A Series of Torturous Insertions Indigestible Semen Causing Massive and Gluttonous Spewage Sphincteroplasty pt. 2 Embolific Dismeningoaphresis Resulting in Cephalgic Uneurachism Which Means the Sado-Minded Male Can Not Perform Such Sexual Activities Purulent Vulva Discharge Rancid Condylomata Emmenagogue Enamels Infectedphallitomy Gynofibro Teratoncoplebitispy Sphincteroplasty pt. 3 Retro Amoebic Uridiuretijism Endodermgalactophagia Gonorrhaeoic Sputum Jejunumatomy through Gastrointestinal Eviseration Margination of the Scrotum Gynecdiethylacarbamzine Failing Jejunoileostomy Mega-klysmatic Jaundice Digeneticreproduction Due to a Pre-Spermatocyte Urethrovaginal Diuretation The Last Hypochlorhydric Siting due to Achyliagastrika Sphincteroplasty pt. 4 Rectal-necrobiosis Parasympathetifibrasacral Hypogastricplexus Warm and Sensual Urges from the Digestion of Faeces (The Coprophillia Tales) Albacystomphalecamphicoblasapheresis Ateltunicavaginalis

Amoebe & Tracheotomy Waterpipe Split Tape (2010): 
Metaplasmatic Colonoscopy Re-Abdominoblastobradypericacosis in Pseudoparaplegia Nyctonco-Emrectomyclip

Neonnatalnecropleasure Demo (2011): 
Cremastericmuscleintercolumnarfascia Thalmoinvasionxenolipcell Blenncardichromodacryexgenitohaemgene Ventropimelsphlanchovimucorheamycis Neonatalnecropleasure