Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Harsh Noise Movement & Phyllomedusa

HNM Records is proud to present a slimy, wet split album starring Phyllomedusa and Harsh Noise Movement.

Reguarding the Phyllomedusa side:
Each track was created by actual Amphibian movement from which I placed an Amphibian on a pad, and let it move the frequencies, waves to create a soundscape. Hench why some of the quieter tracks get much louder at times in which I had to reset quicker. The louder track is when the Amphibian started to become playful. ​

Harsh Noise Movement
I. The Frog Crawling On Stomach Is Torn And Smiles

I. Dilation With Circummarginal Groove, Back From The Choanae Hrun Hidden Nyctibatrachus
II. Elucidated Sevarity In Great Ikakogi Mischief
III. A Temporal Structure Posuneit To Alsodes norae, Yellow And Black Robust Wreak