Thursday, March 3, 2016

Leucomelas snout-to-vent length ranges from 31 to 38 mm. It is the largest species of its genus and females are usually bigger and thicker than males. Adult frogs are black dorsally with three broad crossbands colored bright yellow, yellow-orange, or orange; black spots or blotches are often present in the crossbands as well as on the yellow or orange limbs. The belly is black and usually lacks color. All markings are variable, making each frog unique. Color pattern does not seem to be correlated with geography. 

Leucomelas lack an omosternum and the tarsal tubercle is absent or barely present. Unique glandular adhesive pads are present on the toes and fingertips, helping Leucomelas to climb and stay in stationary positions. Leucomelas also lack webbing on its feet. Although adult Leucomelas have been illustrated extensively, no illustrations of this species' tadpoles exist.