Saturday, March 19, 2016

Phyllomedusa - Thy Peerless Ameerega (A Cleansing)

If you do indeed purchase this CD, but do not intend on becoming one with thy Ameerega, please at least listen to it at highest volume. Then they will know the importance and divinity of Ameerega. Thy Ameerega.

However, if you do intend on bettering your useless self, contact one of our Polliwogs, and they will help you begin your metamorphosis.

Uncultivated Beads Lay Their Supreme Pious Devotion, Fruitful As It Is Futile
Present Between The Alsodes Choanae (Dentigerous Processes)
Insert The Thorn Into The Anus, Amass The Exuded Mucus, Wipe The Secretion On The Genitals And Create Semen
Thy Ameerega Abaft Cloak Intact For The Frond Embarcation
Kukurú Chiní
The Virtue Veiled Beneath An Uncouth Exterior (Heated Toadstone Protect I, The Wearer)
Qualms Of Rueful Choice
In Reference To An Ebbing Breath, Embrace Me, And Know No Pain (Acquiesce To The Expiration)


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