Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spruce Of Tomb (Asleep In The Lake & Phyllomedusa Split Tape)

A split tape featuring the altruism of Morus rubra, the non-biped courtesy of Eurycea guttolineata. The quiver of Asleep In The Lake, the mutter of Phyllomedusa. Two of  which are a day closer to C-horizon slumber. (Hopefully)

Double-sided green C110 cassette. Limited to 40 copies.

Asleep In The Lake
Branching Hyphae of Saprotrophic Fungi
Invertebrates of the O Horizon
Slurry to Feed the Denizens
Woven into the Soil

Another Year Passed By Pendulous Effloresce When Dirtknappt (Spruce Of Tomb)