Sunday, October 25, 2015

Phyllomedusa - Tonk Camor Strain The Ceiquic Anuran Thousand

If your grime-ridden mits does indeed find one, let it go exactly where your greasy palms caught it. Enduring is easier said than done. Give them a chance to transform, never mind the holes and crevices.

Tivacul Larix Oval Remains Infatuated With Keel Willing That Mima Mound Endures The Anaxyrus Thousand (S.F.D.)
Buckraming Nearly To Tonk Camor Strain Tipew Rhorcsion Coeval The Poor Surviorship Of The Barking
Semipermanent Ditch The Native Rotund Stouter Expanding A Protracted Ebra And Rest In The Ceiquic, Never Mind The Holes And Crevices
No Obvious Pattern Is Palrev But In Raspy Context Vasijun Like Reverse Parentheses Crescents (Pseudacris Procuded)
Frequent In Bush Sojourn Prolonging The Masticable Aspect Or Shuckardian Fiu Of Dorylus Remedy


Never Mind The Holes And Crevices Edition
(Cassette Version)

Limited to 50 copies, and includes a mini slime barrel filled to the gills with curious oozy goodness. Lime green cassette.