Thursday, October 22, 2015

Phyllomedusa - Non-Melodic Trills Of Rattling Quality Seldom

Melody is non-melodic in my feeble bedlamite brain. What is wrong? To me it is simple, but the endless autojeer makes it seem so complex. The nook is mine, I dabble in fat-throatery and rattle in quality. Which, for me, seems to help, but the distance is unforgiving and just too strict. Bask in this non-melody I will.

"Was It This Aggressive When You Found It?" was first hatched as a secret track on "5 Inch Graves".

Non-Melodic Trills From An Olive Appearance Probity Habevioric Yibhrahdion In Rattling Quality Seldom From Thirty Feet, Rarely Of Rectitudinous
Was It This Aggressive When You Found It?