Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Phyllomedusa - Camp Bufo (Copiula Lives)

Originally hatched on June 15th, 2010, this version of Camp Bufo includes fresh chunks of art, and a remake of 3 tracks from the 2010 hatching. Prime Humanitarian Meat, The Shed(ding), and Camp Bufo. All based on the BILE/Skullhog songs, disrespectively.

Camp Bufo makes for perfect Amphibiangather. I dream about humans wandering around in Camp Bufo and letting all types of Anuran free to terrorize them. One day...

Camp Bufo (Copiula Lives)
Prime Humanitarian Meat
The Shed(ding)
Camp Bufo

2010 Slimesound
Intro - The Shed(ding)
Webbed Foot Cracked Cranium
Defleshing Of Human Legs
Camp Bufo
Prime Humanitarian Meat
Defleshing Of Human Legs (Slime Reprise)
Frog Wielding Killer
Tonguecaught & Eaten
Widespread Skinshed
S.C.E.X. Or The Frog
I Am The Frog, You Are The Human (Recroaked)
Mankind vs Frogkind - Humans will undergo a slow death by slimy secretion (Recroaked)
Crazed Scinax
Blood Red Fire-bellied