Thursday, September 24, 2015

Phyllomedusa - Weather's A Thorn In My Side

Begging for the Old Growth's mercy, I skulk, rotund and podgy. The crisp air is misleading. The slurping of Chiggers is laborious. The creeping of Acari is strenuous. Gloat if you must, but weather's a thorn in my side.

Without Eleutherodactylus, there's Craugastorids. Without decency, there's human clade.

The final sliver of "Eleutherodactherapy" is based on "Electrotherapy" by Carnivore Diprosopus.

Old Growth Pour+Down
Rugosa Rows The Bungalow
Chiggerslurp/Acari Creep
Slim-fingered Show The Chin
The Erosion Of Common Decency
Variant Clamber/Eleutherodactherapy (Cognizance To Carnivore Diasporus)