Friday, July 31, 2015

Bathtub Barracuda & Phyllomedusa (Split Tape)

I have not done a split in some time so I thought I'd take another stab at it. And another. And another. And one more stab. And another. And 4 more stabs. And another. And 18 more. And 153 more stabs.

First 50 copies come with an inflatable beach ball.

A collaboration between Supreme Extreme Unlimited & Hypyractyv Larynx Frogquencies.

Bathtub Barracuda side:
Skull Beneath the Scale
Righteous Riptide
Abyssal Food Limitation
Of Slime and Brine
Mastermind of the Mangrove Massacre

Phyllomedusa side:
Mummified Au Naturel, Non-Embalmed
Per Chance, The Opulency Of Conglomeratic Females (Hyalinobatrachium Harem)
This Area Will Be Confirmed With Rambunctious Calls Or Through Physical Combat
Adhesive Discs For The Smoothest Of Stems
Averting The Attention Of Parasitic Wasps And Flies By Way Of Back Pattern