Sunday, June 7, 2015

Phyllomedusa - Turning Away From The Overthrow/The Macrocosm Deteriorate

They say that a colossal frog once absorbed all the water in the world and caused great scarcity and sorrow. If they could only make the frog laugh, they spewed forth, he would disgorge the water. Several of the animals gamboled about acting silly, but the unamused frog kept his immense mouth clamped. Then an imbecilic human approached in a supposed "intimidating" manner. The frog roared with laughter and the water poured forth again to refresh the earth, and restore life.

So you all are good for one thing at least.

Turning Away From The Overthrow (Part I):
Watch The Macrocosm Deteriorate
The Adenomera Acumination
Third From The Right On The Left Hand Of Phrynomedusa appendiculata
The Embryonic Grain That Seems To Die
Using Pipa parva Ordure As An Emulsifier (With Basin Water)
Rãzinha Mantra (Physalaemus centralis)
Turning Away From The Overthrow

The Macrocosm Deteriorate (Part II):
Rain, Fertility, And Rebirth