Saturday, April 25, 2015

Phyllomedusa - Slime Life (Save The Frogs Day Compilation)

It's that time of year again. Ah, the reminiscing. The infections, the road kill, the diseases, the once habitable, now inhabitable. The constant worries of being captured, tied up against will, and maltreated with a stick for my secretion just so you can get high. Have you ever had to worry about being eaten alive?

All those times where words like happy and serene had no meaning. Serene? What does that mean? Words of that nature ceased to exist. Hiding from this, hiding from that. The hawk was pursuing me with no abate. Drooling at the beak for me. Waiting for me to take a break or completely stop from hopping yonder.

Fuck that hawk. I'm tired of hiding. The net that has caught needs to be cut, and I'll have my rusty and musty shearers ready this time.

I Wander Far From Permanent Water
Speed Up And Splatter
Nothing But The Slem
If "Respect Others" Is On It, Don't Read The Sign
If "Respect Others" Is On It, Don't Read The Sign [Alternate Version]
Nothing But The Slem [Alternate Version]
I Wander Far From Permanent Water [Alternate Version]
Flaunt The Foreboding Plod
Goodbye Hermitage Hydrolaetare
Virgin Siren (Hymen Holocaust cover)
Another Song For Frogwatching (Calyptocephallela gayi Overharvest Extended Version)
Ratify The Cowardice [Alternate Version]
Slime Life (Nailbomb cover)

Tracks 1-7 are a select few from the "Speed Up, Civilian Life Crossing" CD
Track 8 was recorded for a split tape with Lots Of Talent, but it never came to see the light of day
Track 9 was going to be on "Songs For Frogwatching", but it did not make it
Track 10 was featured as a bonus track on the "Speed Up, Civilian Life Crossing" CD
Track 11 is the extended version of "Calyptocephallela gayi Overharvest" from "Songs For Frogwatching"
Track 12 is an alternate version of " Ratify The Cowardice" from "5 Inch Graves"
Track 13 is from a release that was going to be
Tracks 14-18 are from a Biocyst-worship session that never got released
Track 19 is a cover of "Sick Life" by Nailbomb with additional vocals by the Small Toad