Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Fervor Of Foam (8th Year Lissamphibious Jubilee)

Wait, so I've been disparaging you, and everything you're about, for 8 years? Wow, time sure does fly by when you belittle those whose skullinnard ran out of capacity long ago.

And to thoroughly punish myself for keeping the Bullfrogdozer oiled, greased, and gassed for this long, I wanted to do something insignificant.

I have always wanted to do something more with "The Foam Nest", so I whipped up what I could, constructed, and now I plan too.

Unfortunately, in the coming months there will be a physical re-hatching of "The Foam Nest". The re-hatched version will include new art, brand new tracks along with all of the five original tracks, as well as some other things. Foamy things.

By the way, your self-pride is nonsensical at best.