Thursday, January 1, 2015

TOAD BIRTH & Phyllomedusa (Download/Digipak)

The Munz Grove Incident (Actual Extracted Audio/Origin Of Good Deed)
The Usual Pre-Ritual Tussle (I Wonder What It's Like To Be Inside Your Head)
The Big Question (Let Me Bleed On You)
The Act (They Perch On The Side Of The House, Monitor, And Conduct During The Cruor Blend)
The Preparer (Of Skull To Be Decorated For Amphibious Ritual)


No Toadlets (1-4)
Rana Kin

The in-between nonsense of each track is actual radio interference I picked up while recording. It happens when a certain pedal is turned on.
During this recording it would happen when the pedal was turned on, and the guitar was turned all the way down. It has happened to me before, but never this prominent. Maybe they were trying to help me?

...hahaha yeah right

GORGE (Download Version)
ENGLUT (Digipak Version) - SOLD OUT