Friday, October 17, 2014

Phyllomedusa - Staring At Endangerment (Croakilation)

I was perching at karst, but knew I needed to return to Triprion. The pseudo stream display looked very inviting (to me anyway), but couldn't engage due to the hatred for the genus. So I placed a few little white ceramic frogs around me, and began to brainstorm on ways to avoid the misfortune in pursuing food. Something all of us deal with. 

Sometimes I just feel so useless and wild, but pick myself back up, because really...what are the chances of me getting salmonella? Slim to none. I say that because I respect the green machine, and will not be lost during transformation. Remember that. I am voiceless, and when I see the reflection, I feel like I'm  just staring at endangerment. Contained is the eternal hatred for outside genera. Simply put, I am the olm.

At Karst (Hyla Version, From The Green Disc)
Return Triprion (Electric Wizard cover, From The Green Disc)
Pseudo Stream Display (From Please!! Do Not Tap On The Glass)
Genus Hatred (From Please!! Do Not Tap On The Glass)
White Ceramic Frogs (From Please!! Do Not Tap On The Glass)
The Misfortune In Pursuing Food (Demo) (From Environment And Adaptation)
Useless And Wild (From Environment And Adaptation)
What Are The Chances Of Salmonella? (From Environment And Adaptation)
Green Machine (Kyuss cover)
Lost During Transformation  (From soundTrack For The Reptile House)
Voiceless (From soundTrack For The Reptile House)
Staring At Endangerment
Genus Hatred (Chaperina Mix)
The Olm

Tracks 1, 2 recorded in 2014. Originally with just bass, now re-recorded with guitar as well.
Tracks 3, 4, 5 recorded in 2012. The original material for "Please​!​! Do Not Tap On The Glass".
Tracks 6, 7, 8 recorded in 2012. Extra tracks from "Environment And Adaptation".
Track 9 recorded in 2012. Unreleased.
Tracks 10, 11 recorded in 2011. Re-recorded in 2014. The original material for "soundTrack For The Reptile House".
Track  12 recorded in 2013. Stemmed from "Disturbances Upstream!" but never turned into a full release.
Track 13 recorded in 2012, re-recorded in 2014. 
Track 14 recorded in 2014. Unreleased. Guitar only.