Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Phyllomedusa - In Vivarium. Is Bliss.

Is it blissful?

Latonia Figment
Grueling Aspects Of The Afterflood (Geocrinia)
Garlic Sauce
Swamp Dweller 18 (Stonehelm cover)
Callixalus And Broken Stalks (The Bamboo Bons Vivants)
Neglecting Crescendo (But Am I Too Quiet?)
In Mire Is Bliss
Death Of A Werneria (Juliette And The Licks cover)
Facile Life Cycle
Sardonic Broadleaf Remark
Butterflies In My Stomach (Literally)
2,400 m Elevation
Risking Crescendo (Should I Become Louder?)
Monkey Frog Junction (Weedeater cover)
Arduous Life Cycle/For Those Who've Been Cut Up