Friday, October 24, 2014

Phyllomedusa - The Hunchback

Amphibian Worship's Horror Month continues with "The Hunchback". Featuring a heartfelt stompjob of the sounds you applaud. And what I mean by that is I want to batter you, and during the batter, have the music you enjoy play in the background. If it's this, then so be it.

On the cover is The Hunchback. A Bombina orientalis, which has a protrusion on its back/side. This species is not called the hunchback, it's just the name I gave it because of the deformity. Which is still beautiful in my eyes.

Next week will be the final week of Amphibian Worship's Horror Month (thankfully) and it will feature an eerie assortment. Because I'm a masochist and enjoy the annoyance of sending shit to you.

Circumnavigate The Lake
Aboreal Invaders
Infirm Concretionary Shred, Needed Finer
The Lutino Morph
Specialized Taste For Isopteran Comestibles
Both Sexes Remain
Halting The Remoisten
The Iris Is Coppery Bronze
They're Attracted To Light, I'm Attracted To Them
Would Rather Crawl
Extend To Axilla
Transfer The Alkaloid And Become A Blowgun Master (Dendrobates)
Static Water Utopia
The Brilliant Forest Frog
Hearts Obscured By White Sheets Of Guanine
Correlation Of Females & Call Quality