Friday, October 10, 2014

Phyllomedusa - Biodiver

Continuing the Amphibious version of Horror Month,  Amphibian Worship is packed to the external gills with chunks. Chunks that will see the light of day during the next four weeks.

And here is one of them. One that no one will say they enjoy it and if they say they don't enjoy it, they really mean they don't enjoy it.

Rattling While Swimming
A Head, Which Bears A Pair
Can't Be Distinguished
Weeks Or Many Months
When Disturbed
Inner Tree Gallery
Wet Carrion
People Avoid Them
Mud Experience
Outersurface Glossy Black
Scarce In The North
Serving As A Form Of Warning
Our Vegetation Crevice
Lawn Stalker
Glands And Empties
Courtship Fall To Winter
Eight Presacral Vertebrae
Peculiar Evade
Within 36 Hours