Saturday, August 23, 2014

Phyllomedusa's "Demo Vs Demo" - Puddle Independency & Desiccation Yet In Progress

Here's some news for you. I want to ram my boot up your poop chute. The furthest it can go. But besides that, here's something weird. Two demos going against each other but everagainst you.

These two demos were hatched right before Desiccation In Progress and Puddle Dependency, respectively, before I decided to change some things. Most of the tracks are very different and the Haemorrhage cover was not even remade for Puddle Dependency.

The art features the two frogs that were on the Puddle Dependency and Desiccation In Progress covers as well.

Puddle Independency (Puddle Dependency Demo)
That Warm Mist Coherence
A Variable In Mite Flavor
Hylorina, The Understory Savage
I'm A Herpetologist (Haemorrhage cover)

Desiccation Yet In Progress (Desiccation In Progress Demo)
Some Edible Rodent Fragments To Digest
The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Frogcare
Fragrant Flectonotus Purulence
Preservation Of Hemiphractus Carrion
Prolapsed Agalychnis Bowel Repair