Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Phyllomedusa - "Nothing But The Mucus" T-Shirt & "Speed Up, Civilianlife Crossing" CD - SOLD OUT

Brand new Phyllomedusa Summer Slimeapparel. Dark brown T-shirt with white design featuring one of my friends of the Slimekind. Her name is Khepari. Very, very limited. Sizes S-XL. Prices below.

Created to go along with the shirts is a new CD entitled "Speed Up, Civilianlife Crossing". I'd e-heave to you about it and what it contains, but go eat dirt, bitch. 

Speed Up And Splatter
Nothing But The Slem
If "Respect Others" Is On It, Don't Read The Sign
I Wander Far From Permanent Water

Prices And Options:
T-Shirt & CD Bundle - $8
T-Shirt Only - $7.08
CD Only - $5.08

*Prices include shipping.