Sunday, June 8, 2014

Phyllomedusa - Correct Dissect

I keep trying to tell them what the correct specimen is to dissect. Why won't they listen?

You're Slit And Still Talking
Headaches & Nausea (Psychoactive Compound Paratoid Hypersecretion)
Sapito De Hojarasca
The Meager Golden-groined Females, The Larger Males (But Englut Your Hymenopterans & Hemipterans Anyway)
Picking Gallstone Shards Out Of My Tonsils
The Drab Of La Selva
Necrocardioglossa (Utilization Of Degraded Ground)
Correct Dissect
Orientation Of Strippled Smilisca Ventrolateral Wart

Gutbursted Cadaver Digestion Impaction (A Praxis Overeaten)
Black & White Rana forreri Larvae Clinging To Submerged Debris (Yet An Elegant Uniformed Embrace)