Sunday, April 13, 2014

Piss Junkie & Toad Birth

A collaboration between Prime Eggsample Records and Hypyractyv Larynx Frogquencies.

Please listen at highest volume. Please devote yourselves to Toads until you die. Please have someone you know tell me when you do indeed die so I can express my joy. Please leave me alone.

Piss Junkie
Poisonous Newt Slime Lubricant
Piss Swamp
Amphibious Piss Puddle
Toad Afterbirth Piss Bath
Oozing Stankjuice
Greasing Up The Toad Gut For A Slither In The Mudhole
Sculpting A Piss Shrine To Phyllomedusa
Drowning You In Toad Piss
Forest Piss Feast
Cluttered Marshes Revisited

#1-5 Untitled
Toadpiss Summer (Piss Junkie cover)