Monday, January 27, 2014

Phyllomedusa - Puddle Dependecy

Why do people take themselves so seriously? I want nothing more then to shatter you and all of your being. Anything I do is not for you, but for them. I just post stuff because I can. Otherwise I'd have nothing to do with you. This is for them.

And just so it's known, Los Langeros had an EP and a song entitled "Killing Frogs", so I took it upon myself to cover it and change it to the correct way. Killing them instead. Fuck them.

I also re-recorded some older Phyllomedusa tracks as well, but whatever. I've croaked too much. Download it, don't download it. Leave me alone. I'm more concerned about my puddle dependencies. You know, like all the streams that dry out, or deep enough pools of rain water disappearing when it gets too dry. What the fuck are they supposed to do when they lay eggs in those puddles that dry out?

That Warm Mist Coherence
Hylorina, The Understory Savage
Ill-Fated Puddle Dependencies In An Unfortunate Ecosystem
A Variable In Mite Flavor
Killing Los Langeros (Los Langeros cover)
The Natal Ghost (Hadromophryne)
19 Insects And Plant Material (Within The Stomach Contents)
Atelognathus Anguish By Eutrophication
Venter Feebly Areolate
Distilled Viscera Gunk As Gracixalus Treats
Stir Fry The General Public
Maim The Bitch
Submerged To The Pond Floor
The Smell Of The Dead Crickets
The Chub (Sugar Ray cover)