Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Phyllomedusa - Empty Inside This Clean Skin (with Demo)

Why don't people think about animals being depressed?

Empty Inside This Clear Skin
Empty Inside This Clear Skin (Or At Least It Feels Like It)

I had so much anxiety when I recorded this. Almost an unbearable amount. Usually when it gets really bad, I don't do anything, but I felt like I had to this time. I wanted to punish my lungs and stomach. Every instrument on this is literally fighting with each other too. All I could think about was feeling so empty and how Amphibians must feel depressed and sad and I don't know. I should probably stop doing this.

The nature atmosphere was recorded in the same spot I recorded the "Calling With No Response" atmosphere. However, this time there was more stream movement from a recent storm.

Empty Inside This Clear Skin

Also included is a demo leading up to the main version of Empty Inside This Clear Skin.

Empty Inside This Clear Skin (Demo)
Squirm In My Hell/Greenhand (Twisted Sister/Bongzilla Medley)
For Those Who've Been Cut Up
Remove The Oil
Camp Bufo (A Revisit)
Empty Inside This Clear Skin
Slouching Gaits

"Squirm In My Hell" and "Greenhand" are two covers in one. I had plans to do both songs for different releases, but for some reason put them together. Two artists and two songs that probably shouldn't be put together. But what the fuck do I care. Squirm In My Hell being based on Burn In Hell by Twisted Sister, and Greenhand being based on Greenthumb by Bongzilla. This is where the title of the previous release, "Greenhand", is from.

"For Those Who've Been Cut Up" and "Remove The Oil" are from the "Catch Me If You Can" session, but with different guitar and vocal. If you don't know what "Remove The Oil" and one of the riffs in the track are based on, I hate you even more than usual.

"Camp Bufo (A Revisit)", "Empty Inside This Clear Skin", and "Slouching Gaits" were going to be put on a split, but it never happened. "Camp Bufo (A Revisit)" is a re-hatching of a previous track, "Camp Bufo", but much slower this time. Both being based on Camp Blood by Bile/Skullhog.