Sunday, December 8, 2013

Phyllomedusa - I Kill Hunters

I shouldn't be doing things like this. I shouldn't hate skinwaste that hunt and kill defenseless animals this much. I shouldn't be expunging your cute music into a puny, itsy-bitsy, almost dry wet spot. I shouldn't get euphoric goosebumps at the sight of a hunter's blood on a hunter's camouflage. I just shouldn't, but I do.

I Kill Hunters (The Violator Of A Huntsman's Life)
Snout-Urostyle Length (SUL)
Your Bright Orange Is Now Stained Red
Spastic Bustles Of Rana esculenta Testosterone Production
Ranitomeya Müllerian Mimicry
(They Were) Slaughtered In Their Sneakbox
Conspecificity Theory
In The Vicinity Of A Preoccupied Mate (I'll Wait...)
Losing Significant Portions Of Body Weight (A Metabolic Rate Increase)
Vomiting At The Thought Of Human Metamorphosis
The Shedding (Bile cover)