Friday, December 13, 2013

Phyllomedusa "Susceptible To Extinction" Shirts

Professionally printed Phyllomedusa shirt. With front and back design. Not for the weak of flesh.

First Clutch: Limited to 15. Paired together with a purchase of "Environment And Adaptation". - SOLD OUT

Second Clutch: Also limited to 15 - SOLD OUT

With this clutch, I requested a different kind of ink than the first that almost feels sticky. I am not sure how long the stickiness will last after a wash, but you'll feel it at first. Representing the stickiness involved with Amphibians. Like the toe pads, strings of eggs, etc. There's a lot of sticky things within the Amphibia Kingdom, and I wanted to do something different then the usual shirt. The white is a little bit darker, but it's fucking weird, which I enjoy more of course.

Third Clutch: Limited to 20, including more sizes. - SOLD OUT

This was the last production of these shirts. So in the end, 50 pieces of torsocloth were printed. Which is 50 more than I wanted to be made.