Sunday, November 10, 2013

Phyllomedusa - At Karst (Live On Regland's Podcast)

Live songs from when Phyllomedusa was on Regland's Podcast. 1 bass, 1 pedal, 1 amp. Everything doesn't make sense, or matter. Everything is minimal. Everything is improvised.

"Hybridizing Anhedonia" sort of morphed into "At Karst", but decided to do both. "At Karst" being inspired by "At Giza". Karst landscapes being formations where you can discover the mighty Olm. big frog being sick of you.

The Exerocist (Exerodonta abdivita)
Hybridizing Anhedonia
   (Secludedness Similar To Bufo And I)
At Karst (Olm Haven)