Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cockspank & Phyllomedusa

Listening to this very loud will impact your future. In a bad way...


Cockspank degrades you with 16 tracks of rough love. Fucking raw.

Cockspank - Grim Body Exploration
Drowning In The Shitswamp
Choked With Navel-Cord
Bathing In Piss
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Listen Up Bitch
Handcuffed And Fisthacked
I Choke You With My Cock
Drowned In Wounds
Fucking You In Bleeding Throat
Self-Castration In WC
Mildewed Semen On Your Face
Digging Her Corpse From The Grave
Forward Through Your Teeth
Hanged On Her Guts
Thrown Out In The Gulch
Staring At Her Chopped Remnants

I usually ask myself two questions daily. The first being what would the Monkey Frogs say to me if they met me. And the second being what would Hans Smits do? Each track is based on my friends in the genus Rhinoderma.

Phyllomedusa - Rhinoderma Phylogeny
A 50 Day Progression
Take Them To The Water, And Then Deposit (Rhinoderma rufum)
Unique Breeding System
Remain After Fertilization
Numerous Males Attending A Clutch (Sharing The Young)
The Eminent Mouth Escape
Laid And Forgotton
2.5 Calls Per Minute (Rhinoderma darwinii)
Mucilaginous Brood Fluid
Particularly Frail Amplexus