Thursday, April 24, 2008

Throat Fungus & Crustacea Zoëa Larvae Split Tape

This is a strange split C30 tape from 2008. Released by Seweradiationoise.

Throat Fungus
Crepitus I
Crepitus II
Dry moisture
Erecopida (mulch mix)
Endlessly recycled variations of the same product
Incomplete though process
Incorrect punctuation gratuity
Carefully selected frequency abbreviator

Crustacea Zoëa Larvae
Realm of the Mermaids VII
Meandrine Brain Coral
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XXXVIII
The Razor Clam
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XXXIX
Emerita analoga (The Mole Crab)
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XL
Praunus flexuosus
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XLI
Hapalogaster mertensii (The Fuzzy Crab)
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XLII
Scyllarides nodifer
Mermaid's Noisy Realm XLIII
Realm of the Mermaids VIII