Saturday, April 13, 2013

Phyllomedusa - Disturbances Upstream! (2007-2013 Croakilation)

Here is a some-what robust croakilation of excess sounds ranging from 2007 to 2013. As usual, there's no structure to anything but only a common theme. May you find this excruciating.

The Cacao Plantations
Mänskliga Gryta Grodor Tugga
Leptolalax eos
Diasporus vocator
Chaltenobatrachus grandisonae
Pseudophilautus stellatus
Adenomus kelaartii
Proceratophrys appendiculata
Cycloramphus eleutherodactylus
Macrogenioglottus alipioi
Green Algae Substrate (Demo)
O. .O Give Me A Beetle, I'm Fucking Hungry O. .O
O. .O Callulops O. .O
O. .O Disturb My Slumber O. .O
Sporadically Advertising To The Willing
Frogs As Rulers (Demo)
Disturbances Upstream!
Amietia Of Fynbos
Eye-To-Snout Canthal Stripe
Fragmented Ischnocnema Residence
Live-Bearing Blues

track 1 - unhatched 1 song session from 2013
track 2 -  never completed d-beat session from 2012
track 3-10 - unhatched "Phyllocyst" session from 2009
track 11 - demo track for "Bryophryne Fermentation" from 2010
track 12-14 - unhatched session from 2013
track 15-20 - unhatched session from 2011
track 21 - unhatched Blues (Greens) style track from 2012