Saturday, April 27, 2013

Celebrating Save The Frogs Day 2013; Phyllomedusa - "Greenhand" & "Rana Injusto"

In great honor of Save The Frogs Day and Earth Day 2013, I have devised a special 2-part release for all of those who basically ruin the Earth and the Amphibians who live among it. One person should not be able to achieve these tones. One person should not be obsessed with amphibians as much as I am. Something is wrong with me. Help...

"Greenhand" is packed to the red-eyes with 17 tracks of re-recorded sounds. More specifically re-recorded tracks from the "Frog Killed The Radio Star" live show I did last year. Only this time it's louder, with both guitars and bass, and real drumming. Turning this up to high volumes will only induce the heaviest of froguencies. A bonus track which did not make it during the live show is also included. My sincere apologies to your stereo.

Extensive Webbing Between The 1st And 2nd Toes, And Between The 2nd And 3rd
Desmognathus Batesian Mimicry
Pristine Lentic Scenery For Calyptocephallela Growth
Constant Predatory Hawk Anxiety
Impeccable Canthus Rostralis
Leptolalax applebyi (Appleby's Asian Toad)
The Chocolatefoot (Phasmahyla cochranae)
Micrixalus fuscus, The Vocal Sacs Geminated
Guibemantis depressiceps Tibiotarsal Articulation
Rapid Tadpole Development (Summer Laying)
Senseless Zachaenus parvulus Eradication
Cylindrical In Shape (Hemisus marmoratus)
Intermediate Level Procedure: Maintaining A Constant Irriguous Climate, Avoiding Any Signs Of Parchedness Or Dehydration
Cleaving Humanus To Gladden Thoropa
Manifold Rubbing Sequences Of Wax Disposal
A Hinderence In Making Mating Calls Not For The Fact I Hate My Own Species But Rather Because I Simply Can't
Thee Subterranae Frogman

Secondly, "Rana Injusto" is basically a sampler of a soon-to-hatch release either on 7" vinyl or cassette tape. Or CD? Who the fuck knows?? But more importantly, who the fuck cares?? The only issue that matters is my amphibian obsession as usual.

It contains two tracks of deafinducing tones. Worshipping Corrupted's "Dios Injusto", Rana Injusto is sung completely in spanish as a tribute to Corrupted too. If someone should do so much as giggle at a band about amphibians not being able to be heavy, send them this. Croak it with me, "Yo soy batidor humana!"

Rana Injusto (Corrupted cover)
Humanbeater (Rana Injusto Revisited)


All brought to your population-ruining asses by Hypyractyv Larynx Froguencies. Something of this nature should not be allowed. Why do I do these things?