Monday, October 8, 2012

Phyllomedusa - "Frog Killed The Radio Star" Live @ NGS Radio!

This is the Phyllomedusa set I did live from 9/24/12. It is taken directly from the soundboard. With each throatcrepitation, I could sense the amphibian pain within me. That, or I had to puke due to my disgust of the cro-mag-esque. Who knows...

Croaktro/Embrace The Humidity
Am I Zooborn?
Pristine Lentic Scenery For Calyptocephallela Growth
Thee Subterranae Frogman
Cleaving Humanus To Gladden Thoropa
Impeccable Canthus Rostralis
A Hinderence In Making Mating Calls Not For The Fact I Hate My Own Species But Rather Because I Simply Can't
Leptolalax applebyi (Appleby's Asian Toad)
Micrixalus fuscus, The Vocal Sacs Geminated
Desmognathus Batesian Mimicry
The Cry Of Pseudacris
Extensive Webbing Between The 1st And 2nd Toes, And Between The 2nd And 3rd
The Chocolatefoot (Phasmahyla cochranae)
Cylindrical In Shape (Hemisus marmoratus)
Rapid Tadpole Development (Summer Laying)
Senseless Zachaenus parvulus Eradication
Constant Predatory Hawk Anxiety
Intermediate Level Procedure: Maintaining A Constant Irriguous Climate, Avoiding Any Signs Of Parchedness Or Dehydration
Guibemantis depressiceps Tibiotarsal Articulation