Sunday, August 5, 2012


I think I can croak for Shitter by saying this release is for every caecilian, every frog, toad, newt, and salamander that has ever lived, died, been mistreated, dissected, or hunted. My frogs are literally calling as I type this so I guess they agree with what I am doing.

"Amphibians Against Humanity: Part II" has been long overdue. There has been useless petty human drama between Amphibian and Phyllomedusa before, but we have come together in amplexus to show our respect and obsessions for amphibians. All amphibians.

So to those who continue to eat froglegs, hunt the innocent, or do any harm to any animals, this is dedicated to you.

Please listen to this at a very high volume.

Amphibian - The Born Of Killer Frogs
Boophis eating human guts
African bull frog plague
Dendrobates Species are a perfect killers
Toads spitting poison on your human face (your deformity is my pleasure)
Blue and black fatal colors
Legion of poison
You will be hunted as an insect

Phyllomedusa - Been Caught Herping
Lankanectes corrugatus's Stream Bed Slumber (Interlude I)
Perturbing The Accepted Obliviousness Of Fritziana
Pachymedusa Pride
Small Invertebrate Shit Sludge
The Smithsonian Unseen (Amphibian Exhibits)
Silverstoneia erasmios's Stream Labor (Interlude II)
Aged Kaloulawater Biodiversity
Termite Nest Renovation By Way Of Mouth
Platypelis grandis (The Rot Hole Tree Frog)
Viviparously Created, By Nectophrynoides Standards
Underground For 13 Fucking Months
A Limited Amount Of Call Space
Gular Pouch Expansion