Sunday, July 22, 2012

Phyllomedusa - Intrusive Teachings Of An Irrational Conservation Biologist (The True Amphibian Collection) Croakilation

Within the series of Croakilations, "Intrusive Teachings Of An Irrational Conservation Biologist" features unused, unwanted, and unfinished album material. Ranging from Toadstep to Down-tempo Frogurble, it's all here. Like any Phyllomedusa release, it's better off you waste your download elsewhere...

Guitar Piece For Amphignathodontidae
The Lack Of Genuine Concern Towards Those Of The Slime
Pseudhymenochirus merlini (Full Version)
Remorsefully Logging Within The Semblance Of Phrynobatrachus plicatus
Last Toads Of Amphibity
Eleutherodactylus jasperi
Raised For Bait
Cryptic Cycloramphus Tendencies
Proper Handling Of Kurixalus ananjevae
Feeding & Maintenance
Intrusive Teachings Of An Irrational Conservation Biologist
The Golden Foam (Of Polypedates)
A Lack Of Respect Towards Taruga eques (A Noise Ballad)
Churning Of Worms Within Duttaphrynus Stomach
Constant Predatory Hawk Anxiety
Overhanging Centrolene Birth Array Elevated Over The Water
Ill Incilius Undersides
Vertical Quotidian Respiration
The Roar Of Litoria (Demo)
Random Acts Of Endangerment
Monarchical Limnomedusa Soil
Predisposition Of Austrochaperina With Regards To Be Under Forest Debris
Environmentally Unfriendly
Sterilizing The Petropedetes Rock For Virile Perching And The Viewing Of Forthcoming Predators
White Peltophryne cataulaciceps Dots
Fuck The Chytrid Fungus (Alternate Version)