Sunday, April 1, 2012


Will the toxic saliva of Varanus komodensis be too copious for the weak amphibians?? Or will the wax of Phyllomedusa mummify the Komodo's newborns?? Let your headholes find out for themselves.

Varanus komodensis side:
"Bites One Through Three"

Phyllomedusa side:
Frustrated Hypsiboas (Section Hylinae)
Uncertainty In The Amount Of Distance Between Branches
Convoluted Procedures In The Caring Of Mistreated Amphibians
Beginner Level Procedure: Unfiltered Water Permeates Through The Use Of A Submersible Filter Ensuring The Amphibian Ideal Breeding Quarters
Intermediate Level Procedure: Maintaining A Constant Irriguous Climate, Avoiding Any Signs Of Parchedness Or Dehydration
Hard Level Procedure: "Contrive Seclusion", A Process Of Imagining What The Animal Would Enjoy And What It Would Take To Feel Sheltered
Expert Level Procedure: Resisting The Urge For Handling The Frog