Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phyllomedusa - "Zooborn"

I recently read a book about "zooborns" and I thought it was very interesting. These animals were raised from the very start in the zoo, and really know nothing about the world we know. How marvelous that must be...Other titles like "Congo 2 AM" come from my wonderings of what it must be like in the forests & subtropical areas of Congo very late at night.
And since Phyllomedusa refuses to be anything related to a band, I've asked someone to help me share my grievances. I asked Sonny of 9922, Sexchange, Blastoderm, Amoebe, etc.. to take the sounds and lather them with a glistening sheet of puke along with mine. Always thriving to be minimal, this release only has 2 guitar tracks and 1 drum track as well. So why would you want to listen to this??
Am I Zooborn?
Habitat: None
The Mozambique Rain Frog
Staurois Babies Binge Eating Bivalves
Fraudulent Rage Of Gracixalus (F.R.O.G.)
Opposite? - My Own Perception Of Myself As A Mature Toad
Delved Within Glorius Foliage
I Tend To Your Ruptured Spleen, The Red Mist Glazes My Dry Skin
Brachycephalus hermogenesi (The "Flea")
Perpetuate The Amplexus Rise (S.U.T.)
Therapeutic Zoological Studies
Huia cavitympanum (The Hole In The Head Frog)
Congo 2 AM
Indirana's Swamp
Mantella Skin Sugars
Små grodorna