Friday, April 20, 2012

Phyllomedusa - The Fight For Territory

Frog Tip #57: When buying a pet frog, please be sure to have it's terrarium already set up. It's stress level will already be higher than it should be due to transferring, so you're going to want to be able to place the amphibian right in it's new home without complication.

I want the grown up sperm cells we call humans to know I despise them. Slaughtering music genres is what Phyllomedusa has and will always be about. Natural vocals?? Audible guitars/solos?? Pseudo-structured songs?? The lack of respect towards everything besides amphibians make me grin.

Smothered In The Chesapeake Bay
Genus Pessimism
Kassinula's Words (Missing Persons cover)
Respite Part I - Silverstoneia flotator
Never Give Up The Fight For Territory (From The Agalychnis Perspective)
Obesity Among Ceratophryin
The Dinural Shriek Of Dauntless Paracassina
Respite Part II - Ranitomeya uakarii
Fejervarya Euryhaline Perseverance & Indomitability (with Goatbeard)
Defleshing Of Human Bone III
Pedantic Canopy Gamboling
Charge of the Brown Rhamphophryne (Torche cover)
Xenorhina Montane
Respite Part III - Excidobates captivus
Praise Be To Rhinoderma
Unresponsive Surface Dweller (with Embryo)
Corrupted Amphibian Activist