Friday, February 3, 2012

Phyllomedusa - Dessication In Progress (Original version)

This was the original version of "Dessication In Progress".

Driven By Motivations Of Frog Eater Hatred
A Manual Of Befitting Ways In Which To Observe The Spadefoot
Infinitive Desiccation In Progress
Carnivorous Nanorana
In The Wards Of Large Scaled Dendropsophus
Prolapsed Agalychnis Bowel Repair
Preservation Of Hemiphractus Carrion
Allowing The Gnawings For Human Delicacy
Covered With Slime As Decoration II
Corroded Hairy Frog Phenomenon
Some Edible Rodent Fragments To Digest
The General Attributes For Partial Triprion Tadpole Separation
Continual Spea Waste
The Beauty Of Perfection In Sensible Frogcare
Fragrant Flectonotus Purulence
Exceeded In A Frenzied Mating Mayhem
Persuaded In Leptophryne Cannibalism
The Lumberjack Killer