Monday, February 6, 2012

An Awkward Participation Between Three

Spunkape portion:
 Home invasion (8 Spermsoaked Attempts)

Bodily Wastes portion:
01. Such Type Of Perversion As Employment Of Coprohematemesis In Sexual Practice Is Capable Of Arousing Enthusiasm In Both Coprophiliacs And Emetophiliacs; It's Hard To Imagine Something More Exquisite Than Allowing A Diseased Person To Vomit Bloody Faecal Matter Into Your Mouth And Gulping This Appetizing Substance With Unbridled Greed And Passion Without Forgetting To Masturbate During This Delightful Process
02. Fetishistic Obsession With Bodily Fluids Urged Me To Suck Out The Purulent Green Snot Out Of The Hairy Nostrils Of A Dirty Whore With Genyantritis And To Slurp The Yellowish Secretions Of Pus From Her Gonorrhoea Pussy; After That, I Puked Out The Mixture Of Her Purulent Snot, Her Vaginal Pus, And My Bilious Vomit Masses (With An Admixture Of Chyme) Into Her Mouth In Order To Make Her Consume These Liquid Substances, Digest Them And Defecate The Resultant Excrements Into My Mouth; After Eating Them, I Regurgitated Them Into Her Mouth Again; Few Minutes After, I Didn't Have Any More Reasons To Keep Her Alive, So I Sliced Her Belly Open With A Knife, Found Her Ventriculus Among The Other Internal Organs, Pulled It Out And Devoured It Together With Her Own Faeces (Formed From Her Own Bodily Fluids And My Vomit) Which I Recently Regurgitated Into Her Mouth
03. It's Always Very Hard To Choose Between Fresh Faeces And Stale Faeces; On The One Hand, Fresh Ones Are Much More Juicy And They Have That Special Mild Taste Which You Won't Be Able To Forget Once You've Tried It; Besides, When You Eat Fresh Faeces You Can Feel How They Melt Inside Your Mouth, And It's Practically Impossible To Compare This Delightful Feeling With Something Else; On The Other Hand, If You Preserve Faeces For Some Time Until They Turn Stale, They Will Get Infested By Fly Larvae, And It's Always A Great Pleasure To Chew The Crunchy Maggots Which Make The Taste Of Faeces More Exotic And Unique; The Only Disadvantage Of This Type Of Faeces Is The Fact That Stale Shit Easily Gets Stuck Between The Teeth, But This Won't Be A Big Problem For You If You Are A Real Gourmet
04. An Advanced Lesson Of Coprophilia For The Most Exquisite Fecal Fetish Maniacs Who Wish To Experience Something Extraordinary - Stage 1: Defecate Some Half-Liquid Fecal Matter And Prepare The Syringe For Making An Injection; Stage 2: Gather The Fecal Substance Inside The Syringe And Start To Masturbate Your Penis To Provoke An Erection; Stage 3: Pull The Needle Of The Syringe Inside Your Urethtra And Perfrorm An Injection; Stage 4: Continue The Masturbation When Your Penis Is Completely Filled With Shit And You're Going To Experience The Most Powerful Orgasm In Your Life; Stage 5 (An Additional Stage Only For The Most Insane Copro-Maniacs): In Case Your Syringe Still Contains Some Liquid Faeces, Inject These Remnants Inside Your Vein (Heroin Is For Pussies, Try Getting High On Shit If You Are A Real Man With Big Balls)

Phyllomedusa portion:
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